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What is 'Flexi' and how does it work?

In the 'Flexi' competition, you receive 100 points per round, and can spread these out over however many games you would like. The amount of points you place on it is multiplied by the odds for that team, and the points you have at the end of each round is the score that is reflected on the ladder. Each week your points are reset to 100.

To tip in 'Flexi' go to the 'Tipping' tab in the top menu bar, select your sport, then under the 'Game' drop-down menu select 'Flexi'. Select a team by clicking the circle icon beside their name, a pop-up will then appear below prompting you to select points, once you have done this click 'Submit'.

To turn on/off the 'Flexi' option in your competition, an Admin goes to the competition page, then 'Settings', followed by 'Sports & Games', tick 'Flexi' for the sport you are wanting to play on, and then click 'Update'.

Please note: If odds are unavailable for any reason, the default for a game will be $1 for each team.